Each chocolate tells a story. Whether it is Salted Caramel or Roasted Pistachios, at Mirs, we have taken the craft of chocolate making tradition to a more sophisticated heights. Mir’s Chocolates have been adored by Chocolatiers demanding luxury, class and accomplishment. Our chocolates have raised the bar of temptation and passion.


The variety we have in assorted chocolates is our USP and you’ll not find it anywhere else, that’s why our customers keep coming back to us. We’re still experimenting with the different flavors we can provide to our customers.


The taste of bright blueberry flavor inside a smooth dark chocolate shell makes every occasion special and memorable. The soft feel of chocolate oozing with gooey chocolate makes hearts flutter with desire.

Coffee Walnut

The taste of walnut with with delicious ganache of Cara Crakine coated in indulgent layer of chocolate. Dare to resist temptation?


Our Hazelnut chocolate is a showstopper! Coated in most decadent layers of chocolate, thick yet so soft to bite. Glistening when it melts, it tempts even the most demanding connoisseur to own it, taste it and feel it.


Indulge in a chocolate that carries nuttiness of almond and sweetness of a chocolate. A kryptonite for chocolate lovers.

Salted Caramel

A secret pleasure to savour chocolate coated caramel. Soft and delicious. Dissolves in mouth spreading its aromatic taste. An experience that feels like a ritual.

White Chocolate

Eat as a desert or as a treat, made from cocoa butter and milk solid, and specially made for discerning chocolate lovers, this met-in-mouth flavor has power to hold you in awe..

Curate A Box

Mir’s Chocolates are a symbol of love and affection. Chocolate is not a gift, it is a memory. At Mir’s, we strive to create unforgettable memories for you. Since each memory is unique, each gift must be unique. Choose your own contents from exciting flavors and customize the way you want. We call it TRUE EMPOWERMENT.

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Our Happy Customers

Our happy customers speaks it all about our chocolates!

“The presentation of his chocolate is absolutely beautiful. And they are like little pieces of heaven! The creamy Mir's are covered with either smooth milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Each one contains a sweet little statement about happiness. While eating this chocolate I dare you to not smile. It’s impossible!”

Akshay Chopra

“What I love about the Mir's is the anticipation of unwrapping the colorful foil to taste something new. No more poking the bottom of a mysterious piece of candy or leaving a half-bitten chocolate in the box – Mir's have a unique quality, combining smooth chocolate with rich flavorful fudge in several varieties. My personal favorite? Chocolate Cappuccino!”

Priya Kumar
Shop Owner